Monday, November 7, 2016

10 Useful Blogs & Resources for New Entrepreneurs

Starting a business is exciting, but the excitement starts turning into frustrations when you do not have a clear understanding of business operations and you find it difficult to deal particular situation.

Getting help from your business advisor or being guided by a mentor can save you lot of money, time and energy, but the problem with most of entrepreneurs is not finding a good advisor or mentor.

In this very particular situation, good blogs and online resources are the best choice. Here I am listing ten of the best blogs I read and have contributed for a few too!
  1. Success Secrets
  3. SoloSavvy Blog for Solo Entrepreneurs
  5. Small Business Marketing Blog
  7. Shipping and Global Business Growth Blog
  8. Infusionsoft Blog
  9. Eventzilla - Managing Events Made Easy
  10. Business Success Tips for Entrepreneurs

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